I would not describe myself as an expert kayaker, but I do have some hard won experience and a unique perspective I think is valuable. I've always loved the ocean (see my post Why I Love the Ocean), and kayaking has offered me a new way to explore it. I have been kayaking and waveski surfing for many years, and the differences in my boats and the conditions in which I paddle provide a unique contrast, and sometimes compliment, to each other. I'm also very independent in how I source my gear, how I fix it, and what I recommend. I don't think you'll find quite the same perspective elsewhere. I like things that last, that don't break, that don't cost a lot, and that are dependable. Sometimes, that means I sacrifice on weight and performance, but I'm willing to make that trade. I can't stand anything in life that's too precious to take a couple knocks, and my paddling life reflects that. 

I hope you find something useful on my blog, and I look forward to maybe learning something from you. Here's the link to my posting schedule. You can always find my most recent post on my HOME page.


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Surfing my Walden "Milo" waveski

Paddling the Concord River in a touring sea kayak (carrying a bunch more lbs. than I do now 😜)

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